My Kind Knight's Award

I Am A Kind Knight


Kind Knight Award

Kind Knight Sword Of Truth

Bestowed On March 8, 1998


Kind Knight's Creed

I have happily accepted the honor of being a Kind Knight and will gladly go forth sending prayers, wishes, hopes, dreams, friendship, and kindness to children in need.

On my heart's honor I pledge that I will do all I can to forward the cries of children in need, there is a duty to be done and I say "aye". There is a reason here for a reason above, my honor is to try and my duty is to love. I have tucked away a wish and a prayer or two along with a few hopes and some dreams and I generously will spread them to all in need. My fight is for Kindness, compassion, and caring and with the Sword of Truth, sharpened by Gods Holy hands, and tempered with faith, I shale prevail. My hands shall be out stretched to all children, not to take but to offer all I have to give. I commit myself to this creed as if it was the will of God the Father and will act up on it daily. I shall be a friend, and if you need a friend then I will come and there`s many more from where I hale.


Kind Knight's Motto:


when translated means; Willing and Valiant.


Kind Knight's Pledge:

Inclina aurem cordis tui

which means, "Listen with the ear of your heart."

Code Of Chivalry A Knight is loyal to his King. His word is pure gold. He helps the poor and defends the weak. A Knights heart knows only kindness. He is Loyal to his God. Behavior in battle exemplifies his bravery. His mind is pure with truth.
The Ten Rules of Chivalry:

1. Thou shall follow the dictates of moral conscience.

2. Thou shall be willing to defend your values.

3. Thou shall have respect and pity for all weakness and steadfastness in defending them.

4. Thou shall love thy country.

5. Thou shall refuse to retreat before the enemy.

6. Thou shall wage unceasing and merciless war against the infidel.

7. Thou shall obey the orders of those appointed above you, as long as those orders do not conflict with what you know to be just.

8. Thou shall show loyalty to truth and to your pledged word.

9. Thou shall be generous and giving of ones self.

10.Thou shall be champion of the right and good at all times, and at all times oppose the forces of evil.


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