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Hello and welcome to my home page. I am a retired police officer after 25 years on the job in Shreveport, Louisiana. During my police career, I held every rank in the Department. Patrolman (Badge #111), Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Chief, and Chief of Police. I worked just about every division there is. Patrol, Jail, General Criminal Investigations, Narcotics, Homicide, Robbery, Juvenile, Records & Identification, and Administration. I was also the department CALEA Accreditation Manager. Unfortunately, they gave up before achieving accreditation. For over 14 years, I specialized in Youth Crimes and Abused & Neglected Children. I am also a charter member of the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Local # 75 and The E.G. Huckaby Lodge # 3 F.O.P. and Cops For Christ

After retirement I accepted a position with the Caddo Parish Juvenile Court as Director of the local Juvenile Detention Center in Shreveport, Louisiana where I worked over 6 years. It was a good job and kept me in contact with all the local cops. Also, with God's help, we were sometimes able turn a troubled child around.

In May of 1997, ill health forced me into involuntary retirement. I wasn't ready but had no choice. Oh well, now, with God's Help I'll have more time to do my favorite thing, surf the net, and hopefully spend more time with my grandchildren. In meeting that goal, Ihave recently moved to Durant, Oklahoma where my daughter and grandchild live. Now I can see them every day. My son and his family only live an hour away in Denton, Texas so I can see them more often too.


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Ken & Dick Lewis

This Is A Photo Of Me And My Brother Dick. Dick Was Also A Retired Police Captain With The Shreveport Police Department. Dick Passed right after my second surgery From Congestive Heart Failure. This Section Of My Page Is Dedicated To My Brother And My Friend. Dick Was In The Hospital Awaiting A Heart Donor. PLEASE DON'T TAKE YOUR ORGANS TO HEAVEN. GOD KNOWS WE NEED THEM HERE ON EARTH". DICK Fought Hard For Over 90 Days In The Hospital Until God Took Him Home.

Click On Our Photo To Visit The Aneurysm Support Page. Read My Narrative Testimony To God And Dick's Never Ending Faith That Saw Me Through Three Aneurysm Surgeries This Page Links To Narratives Of Other Patients And Family Members of Anuerysm Patients. Offer Your Prayers, Condolences, And Pray It Never Happens To You Or Yours!

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