I am a single dad and grand dad. I am a widower and a divorcee and don't want any more wives. I have 2 grown children of my own, Dan lives in Texas, and Charlotte in Oklahoma. I have 3 beautiful grandchilden, Danielle, Duane and Jason that I love very much. Danielle is my 10 year old grandaughter and the apple of my eye. Believe me she knows it too. She has her own home page that I have to visit every day or she gets mad at me. I tell her she is my favorite grandaughter. She said it is because she is my ONLY grandaughter. I don't know?. I used to live in a different state from my kids and grandkids. I recently moved to Oklahoma where my daughter lives. Now I get to see her and Danielle and Duane almost every day. It is great. My son only lives an hour away so I see him and Jason a lot more than I did too. .

My best friend and housemate is my Shis Tzu named Spunky. Spunky is a great dog and a great companion. He doesn't talk back or argue/ The only thing he asks for his love is a little food, and a lot of loving.

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MY HOBBIES I guess my newest and favorite hobby is the Internet and working on my Home Page. I am totally and completely hooked on it. I am an Internet Junkie for sure!

I have a 55 gallon aquarium with a 9 inch Oscar. I have 45 gallon salt water with just a few fish in it. Aquariums are a very relaxing, although often expensive hobby. Some of the fish can get expensive and it hurts (the pocket book) when they die.

I love Sci Fi stuff, especially the X-files and Millenium. I like the older Star Trek shows, but not the newer ones. John Wayne is my favorite movie star I love Barry Manilow and Neil Diamond music.

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